Board of Governance

The Board of Governance is responsible to safeguard the organisation and the interests of its stakeholders by advising on the Strategic Plan, upholding the General Conditions of Recognition laid out by the regulatory body and government departments. A brief profile of each current member is listed below:

John Whiteley | Chairperson

John is responsible to take the chair at general meetings and at board meetings. He is also responsible to ensure that the board is effective in its tasks of setting and implementing OTHM’s direction and strategy.

John has had a very varied working background including working for over a decade as a research scientist in the nuclear industry. He started and ran a harbour cruise business, for over 10 years, on Sydney Harbour. He has been teaching at the University of Greenwich as a Senior Lecturer since 2007. He is also a Visiting Lecturer at a number of universities around the world. He is currently working towards his Doctorate. He has mentored a number of private businesses as a consultant.

SM Shamrat | CEO and Board Member

Shamrat's role entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the organisation's long and short term plans and to maintain the smooth operation, with the assistance of management team. He also acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of OTHM and communicates to the Board on behalf of management.

Shamrat has broad experience in Higher Education Management over 10 years. He possesses an MBA from the University of Greenwich. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, and a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.

Erika Beumer | Board Member

Erika is experienced in implementing strategic and regulatory requirements across a wide variety of education and commercial organisations. She worked for the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) as a Reviewer for the REO (Review for Educational Oversight) and HER (Higher Education Review) methods. Her work involved advising private higher education colleges in both policy and practice.

Erika is an experienced programme and project manager and is currently studying for an MSc in Project Management, with the aim of developing methodologies for smaller companies to assist them in the implementation of crucial project management processes.

Before moving to Education and the Small Business industry, Erika was working at one of the big five investment banks in strategic planning, programme management and international team building.

Dr. James Kennell | Board Member

James has been part of OTHM advisory role since 2014. He is a Principal Lecturer in Tourism, Events and Hospitality at the University of Greenwich, the Executive Director of the London Office of the International Tourism Studies Association, and a Fellow of the Tourism Society. James carries out research into the public policy and political economy aspects of tourism, as well as into cultural and other non-corporate events in terms of their wider social and economic impacts. He has published a number of articles, book chapters and other papers on these topics and is a co-author of the core undergraduate textbook 'Events Management: An Introduction' (Routledge).

James is also a regular contributor to a range of media and has been interviewed for BBC News, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian newspaper, China Daily and other outlets.

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