Learner Registration

We do not accept learner directly. So, all learners must be registered through an OTHM approved centre. It is the centre responsibility to register all learners within 28 days from the class commencement or enrolment whichever is earlier. Learner registration must be done using the prescribed Learner Registration Spreadsheet. Changing any field will make the data invalid and cause delay in the process.

Centres must ensure that the Spreadsheet is filled with the following information:

Column 1: Centre Name
Column 2: ULN – if any
Column 3: Learner Number – if any
Column 4: Title – select from the dropdown list
Column 5: Surname
Column 6: First Name
Column 7: Date of Birth – use DD/MM/YYYY format
Column 8: Gender – select from the dropdown list
Column 9: Qualification Number – visit Qualifications page for updated information
Column 10: Start date
Column 11: Address line 1
Column 12: City
Column 13: Postcode
Column 14: Country – select from the dropdown list
Column 15: Mobile
Column 16: Email ID
Column 17: Nationality – select from the dropdown list

You can download Learner Registration Spreadsheet from this page, alternatively you can also request writing to admin@othm.org.uk.