Replacement Certificates

We offer a replacement certificate service to both learners and Centres where the original issued certificate has been misplaced or damaged.

A Replacement certificate is a duplicate of your original certificate with ‘REPLACEMENT’ stamp reflected on it. A Replacement certificate layout and design may look different to the original certificate, but the particulars remain same.

Please note that your application will take up to three weeks to be processed.

Download Replacement Certificate Form.

Incorrect certificates

It's not possible to change whole names on certificates, but requests to correct spelling mistakes can be made if your personal information (e.g. name) is incorrect on your certificate:

  • If your certificate was issued within the last 3 months, contact your college or study centre and ask them to request a replacement certificate.
  • If your certificate was issued more than 3 months ago, you will need to fill in the Replacement Certificate Form, outlining the changes that need to be made in the additional notes section and return to us with the required supporting information.

Replacing a lost or damaged certificate

If you’ve lost your OTHM certificate, please complete the Replacement Certificate Form and return to us with the required supporting information.

Step 1: Provide identification

Before you start completing Replacement Certificate Form, you need to prepare your identification:

  • We require identification which shows your current name and date of birth. Acceptable forms of identification are scanned copies of your birth certificate, the photo page of your passport or identity card or your photo driving licence.
  • If your name has changed since the original certificate were issued, you must also provide a scanned copy of your marriage certificate, deed poll or Decree Absolute.

All identification must be in English and your scan must be in a PDF format.

Step 2: Complete the Replacement Certificate Form

Make sure you complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*). These include:

  • OTHM Learner registration number – if you do not remember this please contact to your college/study centre or us.
  • Your name and contact details – you will need to provide your current name and your name at the time you took your examination.
  • The name and full address of your college or study centre where you undertook the qualification(s) – if the college / study centre changed its name or merged with another centre while you were attending it, note this in your application.

We base our search on the information you have provided so be as accurate as possible when completing the Replacement Certificate Form, as otherwise your application may be delayed.

Fees and payment

The fee for these services is £100 per certificate which include standard delivery by Royal Mail to UK address. Special delivery by courier (DHL) to address outside of UK will cost addition £50 per delivery address.

The Replacement certificate & postal fees received are non-refundable.