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    Endorsed Learning Programmes (ELP)

Not all existing qualifications fit the needs of your organisation, which is why OTHM are able to offer Endorsed Learning Programmes – our recognition of your own courses and training programmes. If you are interested in endorsement of your good quality programmes that are devised and delivered either in-house or externally, we can provide the option to recognise by endorsement.

OTHM Endorsed Learning Programmes (ELP) are a benchmark for high quality that often mark the start of the pathway to a full qualification. The endorsement helps your training stand out from the rest, and brings the prestige of OTHM to employers and learners alike in indigenous market as well as overseas. The availability of such Endorsed Learner programmes give learners confidence that the programmes are developed around best practice and they are working towards globally recognised standards.

The ELP is not a regulated qualification, however your organisation owns the training programme and it remains unique to your organisation.

Annual quality assurance carried out by OTHM is also a feature of the programme and ensures it meets OTHM standards.

Benefits of Endorsed Learning Programmes (ELP)

For in-house training, our endorsement provides learners assurance that your course meets nationally recognised standards of competence and is directly related to functions that will improve workplace performance.

Private training providers and colleges globally will receive a competitive advantage by strengthening the credibility of their training programmes and qualifications with a link to university degree and master pathways.

Learners will have peace-of-mind in knowing that their training is up-to-date, relevant to employers, and reflective of global standards.

Endorsement package

Our endorsement provides:

  • 3 years approval for your organisation to deliver Endorsed Learning Programmes
  • An OTHM certificate to confirm centre approval
  • Use of OTHM logo on promotional materials
  • Inclusion in our centre directory to promote your organisation
  • Issue certificate for learner achievements

Endorsement requirements

For a programme to be endorsed, you will need to demonstrate that your programme:

  • Is up-to-date and fit for purpose
  • Has an appropriate title that is reflective of the programme content
  • Contains clear outcomes which develop appropriate knowledge and/or competences
  • Is of an appropriate size, level of complexity, and has an appropriate structure in relation to the programme outcomes
  • Is delivered in a method suitable for the programme content, type, and level of complexity
  • Is intended to be delivered in English with appropriate English-language course materials
  • If applicable, is assessed in an appropriate manner (i.e. competence assessments for competence outcomes).

And your organisation:

  • Is an existing OTHM Approved Centre
  • Is reputable
  • Has staff with relevant qualifications or level of occupational competence necessary to deliver and/or assess your programmes
  • Has mechanisms in place to quality assure the delivery and/or assessment of the programme, and systems to review the programme at least every 3 years
  • Agrees and abides by our centre agreement terms.

If we feel a programme does not meet all of our endorsement requirements, it will not be endorsed. However, applicable fees shown below will still be payable to cover the cost of undertaking the programme review.

Endorsement process

The process for gaining OTHM endorsement of your learning programme is straightforward and we undertake to respond in timely manner to assist you in this process. The process is simple and outlined below:

Application & fees:

  • You must be an OTHM Approved Centre
  • Complete Programme Related Forms (ELP) for each programme along with syllabus.
  • Transfer centre / ELP related fees to OTHM bank account

Programme review:

  • OTHM conduct review of learning programme and support materials
  • OTHM provide detailed feedback to centre
  • Further review can be undertaken- subject to an additional charge

Programme endorsed:

  • If the programme review is successful OTHM issues an official confirmation letter to confirm endorsement

Quality Assurance of ELP:

  • OTHM External Quality Assurer (EQA) undertakes checks prior to the first certificate claim

For more information visit Become an Approved Centre page. Alternatively, make a request at info@othm.org.uk.