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e-Certificates are computer system generated electronic evidence of academic awards and records allow us to publish through our portal without the need to print which provides learners and centres with instant access to full certificates and transcripts. Learners receive their certificates and transcripts electronically and securely in PDF format. e-Certificates are issued without any extra cost. If require learners and centres can also order paper printed version of certificates and transcripts, additional fee and courier cost will apply. e-Certificates are available to all OTHM learners awarded on or after 01 January 2016.

At OTHM e-Certificate is introduced to enable learners and centres to have easy access to the evidence of learner academic records swiftly. It also allows to reduce environmental footprint by accessing data online removing the need for it to be printed and sent through the post.

Verify an OTHM e-Certificate

Please scan the QR code at the bottom of the document you wish to verify. You can use your smart phone camera to scan. e-Certificates are fully secure and can also be verified by visiting the e-Certificate verification web portal and manually entering the learner’s name and certificate authentication code from the bottom left corner of the electronic document. To maintain security and the integrity of the electronic documents, a document is valid only if viewed in this URL https://verification.othm.org.uk/.

Learners are able to securely share the document via a secure link to third parties for verification purposes.

What certificates can I access?

Within the e-Certificates system you will find access to the following:

  • Full certificates
  • Transcript of Academic Records

How to access to OTHM Digital Certificate Web Portal?

Centres and learners both are given user accounts to access to OTHM Digital Certificate Web Portal.


e-Certificate FAQs

What are e-Certificates?

e-Certificates is a free service offered by OTHM Qualifications which enables learners, centres and third parties to view and download electronic PDF versions of full certificates and transcripts instantly if an award is approved.

e-Certificates are available to all OTHM learners awarded on or after 01 January 2016.

Dealing with the administration of certificates is time consuming – can e-Certificates help with this?

e-Certificates remove the administrative burden of dealing with paper certificates and allow centres to distribute the e-certificates to your learners by email or print them on the learners behalf if you wish.

Will e-Certificates replace traditional certificates?

Yes, e-certificates will replace traditional certificates:

  • to increase efficiency and speediness of accessing learners’ academic records,
  • to allow third party verification,
  • to reduce environmental impact, and
  • to reduce cost.

If require learners and centres can still order paper printed versions of certificates and transcripts through OTHM Digital Certificate Web Portal, additional fee and courier cost will apply. For updated fee information please visit Fees structure page.

Are e-Certificates secure and how can they be verified?

e-Certificates are secure. Each e-Certificate is issued with a unique QR and a certificate authentication code linked to the learner’s name. The authenticity of an e-Certificate can be checked and assured by either:

  • Scanning the QR code on the certificate using a QR reader or smart phone and following the on-screen prompt or
  • By logging into the OTHM Digital Certificate Web Portal and entering the certificate authentication code printed in the bottom left corner of the certificates and transcripts.

Do e-Certificates comply with Ofqual’s General Conditions of Recognition?

Yes e-Certificates comply with the requirements set out in Conditions I3 ‘Design and content of certificates’ and I4 ‘Issuing certificates and replacement certificates.’

How much will it cost?

Our e-Certificates service is completely free of charge to all learners and centres and is one of the many value-added services we provide to support customers.

How do I get started?

If you are a learner, please refer to the OTHM Digital Certificate Learner Portal manual here.

If you are a centre, please refer to the OTHM Digital Certificate Centre Portal manual here.

If you are a learner and if you want WES or any third party to verify your certificate, please refer to the OTHM Third Party Verification Manual manual here.

Help and support

If you’re an existing e-Certificates user and require help and support with using the e-Certificates service please click here.

Customer feedback

To ensure we provide the best possible service we’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments please click here

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